Pacific marine surveyors Kenya Ltd has majored in recovery of outlays and costs made good by cargo/liability underwriters arising from losses that associated to perils that are considered to be admissible under a myriad of Insurance policies. On this front we come in to bridge the gap between the concerned insurer and third parties deemed liable for such losses without necessarily resorting to the legal route which in our view has not only being taxing but costly in the long run.

We have proven track record of success in resolving these claims efficiently and effectively. Our team of experts are well =versed in the complex processes and regulations involved in claims recovery ensuring smooth and seamless experience for all parties involved.

As regards our remuneration, we are guided by the “NO CURE NO PAY” rule which entails us taking up recovery cases matter from the concerned insurer without demanding any advance payment. Our teams process is preceded by advising the insurer on timely reservation of their rights of recovery against 3rd parties, reviewing of all claim supporting documents placed at our disposal and compilation of same in a sequential manner, drafting of Letters of Authority, demand letters and serving liable parties.

Our staff and panel of experts spread within East and Central Africa region consists of personnel who have dealt with various insurance claims/marine matters and have a wealth of expertise/experience.


  • Marine & Non-Marine services
  • Collecting all necessary documents for introducing the claim with the liable party
  • Introducing the claim with the liable party
  • Negotiating with the liable party in order to obtain a favorable settlement


  • Negotiating with the Owner of the vessel / P&I Club to obtain a guarantee covering the estimated loss to the cargo.
  • Taking all necessary legal measures in case the Owner of the vessel / P&I Club refuses to issue a guarantee.


  • Advising parties on all steps that need to be taken;
  • Issuing the General Average Guarantee and / or the Salvage Guarantee for account of the cargo underwriters;
  • Participate in the discussion with the salvors in order to reach an agreement / amicable arrangement regarding the salvage charges;
  • Negotiating a reduction of the General Average contribution (either before or after declaration of the General Average Adjustment);
  • Advance deposits, provisional contributions and final contributions;
  • Control of the General Average allowances, drafting of the General Average
  • Salvage Adjustment and collection of cargo contribution in General Average / Salvage


Pacific Marine Surveyors can rely on the expertise and 24/7 availability of our in-house marine and non-marine surveyors as well as our international network, enabling a global reach, no matter the location of the incident and the opponent or the type of claim and jurisdiction.